Sunday, October 7, 2007

For my mother's birthday

it's hard to see the details unless it's at full rez... so here is the full pic...

and here is a zoomed in section of her toe ring... it's earth... the other planets are on her crown and necklace..

Monday, October 1, 2007

mostly old, some new

"tao jones"
v-man: anti-establishment character... an all-seeing eye pyramid upsidedown.. the eye represents the self, the line represents the limits, the V represents the possibilities increasing forever in an upward direction...
animations of breaking free
naked women are always fun ;]
"Yoch" my bro's alias
i love the cut-out filter ;]
two toned life painting.. 5 minutes each
scarf guy from a random squiggle (you can see where it started in his face)
another random squiggle guy
the first drawing with a 'worm/horn' coming out... circles make everything look cooler
the actual drawing with only colors added
i thought these guys were funny looking
started from the football shapes, then turned into this (i do this a lot)
a bunch of different creatures from different times and different sketchbooks
hands are important, maybe the most
drew this on the way down to chile on the plane... probably weirded out the guy sitting next to me